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About Semper
Why should I choose Semper Home Loans and what is the Semper “Vibe”?
Is Semper Home Loans a direct lender?
Does Semper Home Loans offer mortgages in my state?
Will Semper Home Loans service my mortgage?
I loved working with Semper Home Loans, where can I share my experience?
What is a pre-approval letter?
Why do I need to get a pre-approval letter?
When should I get a pre-approval letter?
How do I get a pre-approval letter?
Who is pre-approved?
Can I make changes and updates to my pre-approval?
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When should I apply for a loan?
What is the loan purpose and why do I need to provide it?
How do I know what loan is right for me?
Where do I apply for a loan?
Who should be on the loan application?
What do I need for the application?
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What is an Initial Disclosure and how does it work?
What is a Loan Estimate?
What does ‘locking’ mean?
What if I need to break my lock?
Under Contract
My offer was accepted, now what?
What is an escrow account, and do I need one?
Can I take a vacation?
Can I change jobs during the approval process?
Appraisal & Inspection
What is an appraisal?
Why do I need an appraisal?
Who is responsible for setting up the appraisal?
When do I get an appraisal?
Should I be present during the appraisal?
Can I choose my own appraiser?
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What is a closing disclosure?
What is ‘cash to close’ and how do I pay it?
What is an electronic signature vs. a wet signature?
What is an electronic closing or an ‘e-closing’ and how does it work?
How long does a closing take?
Where does the closing happen?
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Post Closing
My loan is closed, what now?
Where do I send my first payment?
If I need assistance in the future, who should I contact?
Who do I contact if I’m experiencing financial hardship?
Why did I get a property tax bill in the mail?
What happens if my taxes increase?
What does it mean to refinance?
What should I consider before refinancing?
What are the benefits of refinancing?
How soon can I refinance?
How long does it take to refinance?
What documents are needed to refinance?
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Life Events
I’m getting married; how does this affect my loan?
I’m getting separated/divorced; how does this affect my loan?
I’m having a baby; how does this affect my loan?
Appraised Value vs. Assessed Value
Clear to Close
Closing Costs
Down Payment
Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)
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Why does my credit score matter?
Do you have to pull my credit?
What if someone else pulled my credit?
There are some inaccuracies on my credit report, what do I do?
Is my data secure?