What is a closing disclosure?

A closing disclosure is a form provided to you at least three business days before your closing. This disclosure provides you with information regarding the terms of your loan, projected monthly pa...

What is ‘cash to close’ and how do I pay it?

Cash to Close: This is amount of cash you will need at closing. Your down payment will ultimately make up the largest percent of your cash to close. This does not include additional costs that have...

What is an electronic signature vs. a wet signature?

An electronic signature, or to ‘e-sign’, means you are electronically signing documents. A wet signature means you physically sign the documents in ink.

What is an electronic closing or an ‘e-closing’ and how does it work?

Semper Home Loans knows that e-closing is the way of the future. An e-closing is when one, or more, of the closing documents are signed electronically. An e-closing may still require meeting in per...

How long does a closing take?

A closing typically takes approximately 20 minutes to sign the documents but could extend up to a few hours if you have additional questions.

Where does the closing happen?

Your closing may be held at a title company, escrow office or real estate office. Closings can also take place at the home being purchased or a convenient location agreed upon with your Loan Officer.

Can I cancel after closing?

Federal law gives borrowers what is known as the "right of rescission." This means that you can back out of a deal after signing the closing papers. At Semper Home Loans you can cancel within a wee...