Why does my credit score matter?

The information on your credit report helps us evaluate your ability to repay the loan based on your repayment history. The length of your credit history and on-time payments impact your score. A b...

Do you have to pull my credit?

A credit pull is required for all Semper pre-approvals and applications.

What if someone else pulled my credit?

If you are currently shopping mortgage companies, and another company has recently pulled your credit, your score most likely will not be impacted. If multiple credit checks are done within a 45-da...

There are some inaccuracies on my credit report, what do I do?

If you find inaccuracies on your report, you can contact the three credit bureaus and dispute negative marks on your credit: TransUnion Equifax Experian

Is my data secure?

Security is integral at Semper Home Loans. We ensure that our website and account portals are encrypted, secure sites, to protect your privacy and information. We have extensive security measures i...